Bare Bites Dog Treats

Bare Bites Dog Treats


Bare Bites is a dog, cat, and horse treat company based in Frederick, Maryland, wholesaling treats to small and large retailers, with no direct consumer sales. They encourage you to shop at your local retailer.

Bare Bites is as committed to the retailer as to your furry friends. Bare Bites products are produced with minimal ingredients. No chemicals, no additives, no preservatives. Just a little bit of added love and are 100% guaranteed.

Bare Bites 100% Protein Treats:

Other Treats by Bare Bites Include:

  • Yam Jams, Sweet Potato with Bare Bits Seasoning and Hemp Oil

  • Brew-Yahs, Spent Grain from a local brewery

  • Flax-Jax, Horse Treats